Why Hire Remote Workers?

Here’s a question: Should you hire remote workers? Or perhaps, an even more profound question: Should you give your current employees the ability to work from wherever they want? While many managers and business owners will tout the merits of managerial oversight as a primary detractor to not hiring remote workers, studies have increasingly shown that the benefits can outweigh the negatives. Here are some key benefits to hiring remote workers:

1) Businesses save money
Let’s be honest. For a business it’s all about profit and keeping costs as low as possible. Allowing employees to work from home can save a business a lot of money.

Real estate is the big way in which a business can save money. Allowing one full-time employee to work from home can save a business $10,000 anually in real estate costs. Think about how much you can save if you allow multiple employees to work from home.

Businesses also save in a variety of other ways by allowing employees to work from home. Office supply and furniture costs are lowered as well a utility costs. Allowing staff to work remotely also decreases the spread of illness, and inclement weather absences. Unscheduled missed days can add up greatly for a business by means of productivity.

2) You Will Attract Driven Self-Starters
Remote workers make a first impression through their work, and then the interview discussion comes afterward.

The type of person who is able to work remotely, manage their own time, and put themselves out there enough to be noticed is the type of motivated worker you probably want on your time. Odds are they are passionate about their work who like to work on projects in their own time anyway.

3) Access to global talent
When you allow remote work options, you are no longer restricting your talent pool to a radius that is within a commuting distance. Now you can hire the best talent, regardless of location. Think about it: you’re bringing together people from all over the place who share the same vision and passion. That will make for a strong team.

4) Lower employee turnover
How do you keep a good employees? You keep them happy that’s how. A long commute can be stressful and time consuming to an employee causing them to be unhappy. On average it cost about 20% of an employee’s yearly salary to replace that employee. Employees consider work from home a great employment perk. Employers with a remote work policy generally have employees that stay with the company a lot longer reducing the need to find and re-train new employees. As many as two-thirds of employees say they would take a new job over their current position if it offered work from home options.

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