How To Ask Your Current Boss To Work From Home

Are you thinking of asking your current boss if you can work from home? Maybe you’re a new parent, are a caretaker of an ailing family member, have an illness that requires frequent doctor visits, or just want to spend more time at home. Whatever your reasons, getting permission to work from home may be easier than you think. It never hurts to try. Before attempting to ask your boss if you can work from home, do the following.

1. Think about your day to day responsibilities and if they can actually be done remotely.

  • Are most of normal day to day work activities are done via the phone and email?
  • Do you do mostly work on your own or do you interact in person with people from different departments?
  • Do you mostly interact through phone and email or do you attend many in-person meetings?
  • Do you supervise others ?

2. Outline your responsibilities and how much time you spend on each per day. Try to show how all your tasks can be completed at home. You’ll need to show your boss how, exactly, working from home will impact your position.

3. Devise a plan.

Do not try to have a normal casual conversation with your boss about working from home. Design a formal proposal on how working from home can be beneficial to both you and your boss, but mostly appeal to the business benefits. Try to detail at least three ways that telecommuting will make you a better employee and a better asset to your employer.

Come up with a schedule of the days / times you would like to work from home. Make sure you emphasize you will be available by phone, email, chat, etc during hours that they need you. If your boss is hesitant, ask for a work from home trial period on a part-time basis.

4. Alleviate any employer concerns.

Put yourself in your boss’ shoes for a moment. Be sure to address your boss’ biggest concerns with viable solutions. Assure your employer that you will be just as productive if not more productive than you are in the office. Do your research ahead of time to show your boss that you have thought through working from home thoroughly.

If you follow the above and take the time to carefully come up with a proposal, you will have a better chance at getting your boss to allow you to work from home. It never hurts to ask, so get busy and come up with a plan.

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